Status: OPEN

(NOTE: This is for private commissions only, for commercial or professional illustration work please contact me at the address below with your interests)

Send the following in an or a note on DA!:

• # of characters in the image
• Black and White (ink only) or Color (CG or Copic marker)
(NOTE: I do not take pencil sketch commissions online, convention only, sorry!)
• Background: None, simple/design-y, complex/setting
• Portrait/Bust-up, Torso/Waist-up or Full Body
• Any character designs you have of the characters you would like me to draw
• A description of the image you would like if you have something specific in mind, pose, scene, etc…
• If you want the image shipped to you (for Copic or Ink only, computer images will be emailed) what country you live in and if you want tracking or insurance put on the shipment.
• Payment method (Paypal or International Money Order only! NO CASH!)

The more information you give me the more exact an estimate I can give you!

After I receive your information I’ll reply with the total estimate for your commission. If you and I are in agreement of the price the next step is to pay and we go from there!

All prices in US$

For one character with no BG:
• Bust-Up Starts at: $40 B&W, $60 Color
• Waist-up Starts at: $70 B&W, $90 Color
• Full body Starts at: $120 B&W, $150 Color
(+ shipping and Paypal fee)

• Basic Bust-up B&W
• Basic Bust-up marker
• Basic 4 person Waist-up marker
• Detailed 9 person Waist-up marker with design BG
• Detailed 2 person full body marker with complex BG
• Detailed 1 person full body CG with design BG

Each additional character/figure will be extra.

These are only starting prices meaning this is the lowest each gets. If you’re asking for the basic bust up, this’ll probably be your price. If you’re asking for a super specific or detailed image or something with a lot of action or violence, the price will go up from there.

Vary from piece to piece, let me know what you had in mind and I’ll let you know the price.
I will also do character turn-around, design sheets, tattoo designs and comic pages (short term only), contact me for pricing on those.

For orders UNDER $400 I need all payment up front.
For order OVER $400 I’ll take payment in installments:
• 2 installments - You pay half up front, I sketch the image, you okay it and pay the second half, I finish the image and send it off to you~!
• 3 installments- You pay 1/3rd up front, I sketch the image, you okay it and pay the 2nd third, I ink it and show you the proof, you pay 3rd third and I finish the image up and send it off to you~!

• If you like I can show you the sketch of the image before I finish it, if you want something changed, this will be the time to ask for it. I will not redraw the entire image but I will change things like hair or eyes if you feel they’re off character. If you want a specific pose the time to ask for it is in the initial discussion of the estimate, not after I’ve already done a sketch. If no pose is requested you’re giving me free reign so please, if you want something specific ask for it in the beginning!

• In the case of items sent by mail I am not responsible for items lost during transit.
I prefer tracking and/or insurance put on all items sent via snail mail and REQUIRE tracking for all images worth over $200.
If you choose NOT to get tracking or insurance that is your choice and if it gets lost it is in no way my fault or problem to resolve.
If your item gets lost or damaged I am not obligated to redraw, rework or resend the image.
If you wish to have tracking or insurance put on a commission sent by snail mail please let me know at the time of ordering~ Thank you!

• I do discounts for multiple orders and repeat customers! So please if you’re ordering more than one piece or have bought from me before, mention it! :D

• When you commission something from me you’re commissioning me to draw in my own style. This means if you commission Goku from DBZ I am not going to try to mimic Toriyama-sensei’s style.

• Can you draw me in anime/manga style? Yes, I can, but portraits of real people in anime/manga style tend to be a little higher in price than fanart or original characters. They just take longer for me to do since I need to work up a character design first. So yes, I can do them, but they also err a little higher as far as price goes.

• How big are CG works? 400 dpi, I can work smaller if you like, but no bigger as the lag time kills my PC.

• Anthro characters (I can try if you really want one, but no promises how well they‘ll turn out!) Doubutsu-mimi are fine~
• Cars, mecha, spaceships (I.E. mechanical things)
• Inflation art

• Gore, guro, ultra violence
• Loli or Shota
• Nudity

Any questions or comments feel free to EMAIL ME or a NOTE ME!